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Musante and Grasse Reception at the Fran

Musante and Grasse Reception at the Frank Juarez Gallery http://ow.ly/kXl40

INDIANA GREEN update: reception this Saturday, April 16 from 5 to 8 pm

Indiana Green 2011 Update:


Working as a team is key in promoting any art exhibition/event. This year, spreading the word has been easier with the help of this year’s featured artists. Kudos!

Here are some posts:

Eddee Daniel’s Arts Without Borders, April 12, 201, Sneak preview of Indiana Green exhibit

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, ArtCity, April 8, 2011, Weekend Art Adventures

Sheboygan Press, April 6, 2011, “16 Artists to be featured in Indiana Green”

Exhibition Locations:

Greenseed Studios, 1011 Indiana Avenue and Z Spot Espresso & Coffee, 1024 Indiana Avenue

After the reception join us at the Z Spot for the Plutoniates at 8 pm or at the Green Room, 911 Indiana Avenue.

For information visit www.effjayprojekts.com.

Sheboygan Visual Artists’ Membership Exhibition Reception Photos

Last night, SVA hosted its 4th annual membership exhibition featuring the works by 22 local artists from Sheboygan and Calumet County. We had the perfect night of catching up, showing new work, and making new friends. But, most importantly, supporting one another. Shayna Illingworth, SVA President, kicked off the night with a welcome and a special gift to SVA founder, Frank Juarez, which got him a little choked up.

SVA’s juror, Pamela Anderson, delivered a great juror statement followed by the presentation of three Juror Awards. These Juror Awards went to Agata Augustine for Universal Composition, Dale Knaak for Pleasant Alley and Charna Schwartz for Floral Series.

Reception Photos


This exhibition ends April 29th.


Gallery Hours are Thursday-Friday from 5 to 8pm, Saturday from 11am to 3pm and by appointment.

EFFJAY PROJEKTS is located at 604 Erie Avenue in Sheboygan  53081.

Contact the gallery at effjayprojekts(at)gmail.com or 920.559.7181.



Frank Juarez


604 Erie Avenue

Sheboygan, WI  53081

(920) 559-7181



Sheboygan – April 1, 2011

Join us for an artists’ reception on April 16th from 5 to 8 pm as we kick off the second year of INDIANA GREEN, a regional art exhibition at Greenseed Studios and Z Spot Espresso & Coffee. This year 16 contemporary artists will be exhibiting work in Sheboygan.

INDIANA GREEN features 2D and 3D works by artists living and working in Appleton, Burlington, Chicago, Milwaukee, New Berlin, Sheboygan, Wauwatosa and Waukesha. Featured artists are Pamela Anderson (Wauwatosa), Shirah Apple (Milwaukee), Tony Conrad (Appleton), Eddee Daniel (Wauwatosa), Kristin Haas (Milwaukee), Eriks Johnson (Milwaukee), Frank Juarez (Sheboygan), Dale Knaak (Sheboygan), Tiffany Knopow (Burlington), Melissa Dorn Richards (Milwaukee), Leah Schreiber (Milwaukee), Christian Sis (Milwaukee), Becky Tesch (Milwaukee), Allison Wade (Chicago), Charles Wickler (Waukesha) and William Zuback (New Berlin).

This exhibition will not only introduce a diverse body of work by 16 artists ranging from paintings to collage, photography to mixed media, and sculpture to video, but also represent personal exploration of materials, media and ideas in a contemporary practice.

Greenseed Studios is located at 1011 Indiana Avenue and Z Spot Espresso & Coffee is located at 1024 Indiana Avenue in Sheboygan.

INDIANA GREEN is Co-curated by Melissa Dorn Richards and Frank Juarez. This exhibition is scheduled from April 9 to April 30, 2011.

Public in invited.

For further information on this exhibition or the artists contact Frank Juarez at effjayprojekts@gmail.com or at (920) 559-7181. Visit us at http://www.effjayprojekts.com  for a complete listing of artists’ websites, featured work, and artist statements.


Last Week to View March Exhibitions

ends March 31, 2011

Main Gallery: Darryl Jensen’s Crude Puzzle and READ/READ

Community Gallery: Abstract Paintings by Kenny Husband

Upcoming Exhibitions

Sheboygan Visual Artists’ Membership Exhibition

Opening Reception: Saturday, April 9 from 5 to 8 pm









Opening Reception: Saturday, April 16 from 5 to 8 pm







To read about the featured artists click here



604 Erie Avenue
Lower Level
Sheboygan, WI  53081

Gallery Hours
Thursdays   5-8pm
Fridays   5-8pm
Saturdays   11-3pm
and by appointment


Darryl R Jensen at EFFJAY PROJEKTS

Currently on Exhibit:

Darryl Jensen is a nationally exhibited visual artist. His inspiration comes from current events, history, philosophy, psychology, nature, science, and religion. Trained as a traditional printmaker, Jensen has embraced contemporary practice, and expands the definition of multiples. His installations question the use of print editions by building narrative contexts that include an entire edition. Jensen wants these projects to hold the attention and capture the imagination of his audience. However, each viewer will interpret the narrative differently as they navigate the many paradoxes, and conceptual meanings. “READ/READ” and “Crude Puzzle” will display several installations composed of graphically similar, yet technically, and enigmatically different images. The editions are printed entirely by the artist’s hand from plate, wood, and screen. All of the imagery is inspired by two evolving industries that have shaped the world.

Opening Reception Photos



What’s black and white and red all over?

As commercial printing processes evolve and modes of information become technologically refined, the worlds newspaper industry faces potential extinction.

Throughout history, new forms of print media have replaced old. Commercial means are behind the adaptation and progression of many of these new processes at the expense of outdated and inefficient ones. Paradoxically, artists have always used any and all means at their disposal, we often champion the very processes doomed to extinction by commercial industry.

READ / READ is an installation which at its heart is a comment on the evolution & change going on within the newspaper industry.

The wallpaper is made of tiled sheets of newsprint from the Final Edition of Colorado’s extinct Rocky Mountain News. Printed on its pages, are two traditional woodcut images of Gutenberg’s press and Steve Jobs’s iMac Computer in red ink. Attached to the wall with transparent tape, they serve as a decorative reminder of the transient nature of regularly produced and continually outdated modes of information.

Displayed over this wallpaper and mounted behind Plexiglas is an appropriated and digitally manipulated broadside of the Final Edition cover of Colorado’s Rocky Mountain News. It has been hand printed by photolithographic process on fine, acid-free 100% Kozo paper. The same two traditional woodcut images of Gutenberg’s press and Steve Jobs’s iMac Computer are printed in red over this. As an Edition of 30 prints it becomes a foil to the wallpaper and preserves the content while elevating the context to that of “Fine Art”. This print is homage and memorial tribute, a tombstone for a dieing industry.

What’s black and white and red all over?

A newspapers bottom line.

Crude Puzzle

“The Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico flowed for three months in 2010. The impact of the spill still continues even after the well was capped. It is the largest accidental marine oil spill in the history of the petroleum industry.” – Wikipedia

Humans have made significant progress throughout time by converting natural resources into energy. The oil industry thrives as modern civilization evolves. However, it also destroys as careless mistakes are made. The Earth’s ecosystem is extremely fragile, and easily affected. It has changed dramatically since the dawn of the industrial revolution. The Earth’s natural balance has been thrown off by decades of petroleum harvest, process, and consumption. Vast quantities of toxic petroleum is causing irreparable harm. Many forms of environmental damage now exists due to our industrial evolution. This process is not without fault, or blame. Our collective dependence on this limited resource seems never-ending. The more we consume, the more damage we will inevitably do. Only time will show the true cost of this exploitation.

“Crude Puzzle”, like the oil industry, is a riddle not easily answered. As an unlimited, and endlessly variable edition, “Crude Puzzle” can tell many stories of disaster. Each piece holding parts of narrative. Pointing hands rotate along the horizon. They search for blame. Who can hear among the countless accusations? “Crude Puzzle” points it’s finger at the waste that happens when mistakes are made and nothing is learned.

Exhibition ends March 31, 2o11


Gallery Hours:

Thursday, March 17 from 5 to 8 pm

Friday, March 18 from 5 to 8 pm

Saturday, March 19 = Closed

Thursday, March 24 from 5 to 8 pm

Friday, March 25 from 5 to 8 pm

Saturday, March 26 from 11 to 3 pm

Thursday, March 31 from 5 to 8 pm

and by appointment


Phone | 920.559.7181

Email | effjayprojekts(at)gmail.com

Website | http://www.effjayprojekts.com



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